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Valvoline Oil Filters

Valvoline oil filters follow the same standard of excellence as found throughout the Valvoline portfolio of products. The Valvoline filter line  is designed  and manufactured to meet OE fit and function requirements.

Benefits of the Valvoline oil filter range include:

  • Excellent filtration, efficiency and dirt holding capacity.
  • The oil filter range suits most popular vehicles within the Australian and New Zealand markets.
  • Designed to remove metal debris and harmful contaminants without restricting oil flow.
  • Added benefit of high quality anti-drainback valves and withstanding greater pressure.
Valvoline Multi-Fit

A Multi-Fit filter is one filter that fits numerous vehicle makes and models. The Valvoline Multi-Fit filters are a range of oil filters that meet OE requirements for fit and function. This ensures that the filter performs at the highest standard over a variety of different engine applications. The benefit for businesses and consumers is one filter can be used for differing engines and vehicles while still delivering excellent filtration performance.

Valvoline USA launched our Multi-Fit filter technology into the North American market more than six years ago. Since then Valvoline USA customers have benefited from lower inventory investment and fewer part number requirements; something that is now available to Valvoline customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Australia have a range of Multi-Fit filters which are interchangeable with multiple regular part numbers. Try the Filter Finder to see if Multi-Fit filter suits your vehicle.
Multi-fit Filters

It’s what’s inside that counts

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What's inside Valvoline Oil Filters
Valvoline Filters has now been integrated into the Valvoline Lube Guide.
Valvoline Filters has now been integrated into the Valvoline Lube Guide.