VO-85 Oil Filter

VO-85 Oil Filter

  • Type: Cartridge
  • Height: 124.97 mm
  • Outside Diameter: 63.50 mm
  • Inside Diameter: 30.99 mm
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Valvoline oil filters follow the same standard of excellence as found throguhout the Valvoline portfolio of products. The Valvoline oil filter ranged has been developed to meet OE requirements for fit and function.

Valvoline cartridge filters are designed to fit in the permanent filter housing of the engine to help keep harmful particles from causing excessive engine wear.

Find the filter that is right for you

Always refer to OEM specifications and requirements prior to fitment of filters. Ensure correct fitment of the filter prior to using your vehicle.

Make Model Series Year Cylinder Capacity Fuel Engine
VOLVOC70MC68 T512/2006 - 08/201052.5PETROLB5254T3 
VOLVOS40MS3806/2004 - 08/201052.4PETROLB5244S4 
VOLVOS40MS77 D503/2007 - 08/201052.4T/DIESELD5244T8 
VOLVOS40MS68 T506/2004 - 01/200652.5PETROLB5254T3 
VOLVOS40MS68 T502/200652.5PETROLB5254T7 
VOLVOS60TURBO09/2001 - 06/200352.4PETROLB5244T
VOLVOV50MW3806/2004 - 08/201052.4PETROLB5244S4 
VOLVOV50MW77 D503/2007 - 10/200952.4T/DIESELD5244T8 
VOLVOXC90CZ71 D510/2006 - 07/201152.4T/DIESELD5244T 
VOLVOXC90D508/2011 - 09/201752.4T/DIESELD5244T4, D5244T18
Make Model Series Year Cylinder Capacity Fuel Engine